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Tips & Resources


Grey Square Tips

  1. If you are hiring Work-Study students for the next academic period, you will need to create a Personnel Action Request (PAR) on M-Pathways. Go to the HCM section > Wordforce Administration > Job Information > Create PAR. Select the "Add Work-Study" option and be sure to indicate the SEO job number and the effective date. Remember that students must verify their Work-Study award and they must be enrolled at least half-time before they can begin working. Instructions for creating a PAR from the Shared Services Center. Or visit My LINC for additional instructions.
  2. DO NOT allow students to work until all hiring materials have been completed. Please provide all necessary materials to a student at the time you offer the position.
  3. During the year, it may become necessary to adjust a student's Work-Study award. The award may be either increased or decreased because of scholarship awards, a change in family status, or other financial circumstances. The Student Employment Office will attempt to contact the student's supervisor should there be any change to the student's Work-Study award.  Earnings should be monitored based upon revision.  
  4. All student temporary hiring materials for Work-Study students, non-Work-Study students, high school and non-U-M students must be sent to the Shared Services Center HR Office at Wolverine Tower.
  5. When calculating Work-Study earnings, take the total amount earned by the student and subtract from the total Work-Study award to determine the remaining Work-Study balance. A helpful tool is our Work-Study Tracking Sheet.
  6. Be advised that once a time report has been signed by the authorized signer, the signed document should not go back to the student. All time report discrepancies and falsification issues should be referred to our office.
  7. If you are certain you will not hire anyone who has submitted Student Data Applications for a particular job and want to clear the View Applicants section of the "Manage Job" page for that posting, move the job to Storage mode (please be advised that applicant information will be lost). Once the View Applicant queue is cleared, there is nothing further you need to do. The posting may remain in Storage. However, if a student is working in the job, we suggest you manage the posting and place it in Review mode.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Employment Office.



Grey Square Resources

Following are useful links and contact information:

Shared Services Center HR

U-M Payroll Office

Tel: (734) 615-2000, toll-free (866) 647-7657
Information on benefits, employment services, employee relations, and records and informational services.

Provides helpful information about all aspects of the payroll process
Classification Descriptions for Temporary Employment


Descriptions of temporary job titles and pay schedules at the University


Bi-Weekly Employee Pay Dates From the U-M Payroll Department's website


Office of Financial Aid (OFA) Tel: (734) 763-6600, fax (734) 647-3081


ITS Help Desk Support for systems administrative systems and applications managed by U-M Information and Technology Services 


Wolverine Access Wolverine Access contains frequently asked questions and information about access to the Human Resource Management System web pages and worksheets.


The Career Center Tel: (734) 764-7460, fax (734) 763-9268
Offers career counseling and advising, as well as internship information and professional-level job postings for UM graduates.


International Center Tel: (734) 764-9310
International Center staff provide information and assistance to international members of the community.


The Michigan Daily's Advertising Rates You may want to advertise your job in the student newspaper for even broader exposure.