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Information for Paying Students



Grey Square Non-University Employees

If you work for a company or agency other than the University of Michigan, you will be paid according to your employer's pay dates. This is the case whether you are a Work-Study or a non-Work-Study employee. Contact your employer directly to find out when and how you will be paid.

Grey Square University Employees

If you work for the University of Michigan, you will be paid on a bi-weekly basis through the University's Payroll Office (see chart below or see the Payroll Office website). This is the case whether you are a Work-Study or a non-Work-Study employee.

Grey Square Special Notes for Work-Study Employees

  • Work-Study payroll checks expire 180 days after they are issued. Once your check expires, you will need to complete and submit a Check Affadavit Application in order to obtain a new check.
  • Federal regulations require universities to return the federal portion of Work-Study earnings to the federal program if checks are not cashed within 240 days of the date of issue. If you have not cashed your check or requested a new one within 240 days, your employer will be required to fund the full amount of your replacement check.

Grey Square Fall Term 2018 Payroll Schedule



8-26-18 to 9-8-18 9-14-18
9-9-18 to 9-22-18 9-28-18
9-23-18 to 10-6-18 10-12-18
10-7-18 to 10-20-18 10-26-18
10-21-18 to 11-3-18 11-9-18
11-4-18 to 11-17-18 11-21-18
11-18-18 to 12-1-18 12-7-18
12-2-18 to 12-15-18 12-21-18
12-16-18 to 12-29-18 1-4-19


Grey Square Winter Term 2019 Payroll Schedule



12-30-18 to 1-2-19 1-18-19
1-3-19 to 1-26-19 2-1-19
1-27-19 to 2-9-19 2-15-19
2-10-19 to 2-23-19 3-1-19
2-24-19 to 3-9-19 3-15-19
3-10-19 to 3-23-19 3-29-19
3-24-19 to 4-6-19 4-12-19
4-7-19 to 4-20-19 4-26-19
4-21-19 to 5-4-19 5-10-19


Work-Study Calculator

Work-Study (W-S) Calculator:
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Enter W-S Award Amount:
Enter Rate of Pay:


You will need to work this many hours to earn your full award:



Work-Study Tracking Sheet (PDF)

The Work-Study Tracking Sheet tracks how much of your Work-Study award is earned with each paycheck. Find the form through Wolverine Access > Student Business > Student Center > Finance Tab (drop-down bar) > Review Work-Study Earnings > Select Aid Year > Total Earnings to Date.


  • You are not allowed to earn more than your Work-Study award amount.
  • Once you have earned your full Work-Study amount, you must apply for a temporary (non-Work-Study position).