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Job Details  

Student Services Assistant I
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Job ID 14727
Job Funding Source Work-Study
Employer Office of Student Conflict Resolution
Category Professional/Administrative
Job Description The Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) provides a variety of programs and services designed to support a safe, just and peaceful community, by assisting in preventing and resolving conflicts between University students and other students or community members. OSCR offers a full-spectrum of conflict resolution pathways that are facilitated by professional and student staff. Basic Functions and Responsibilities Student employees responsibilities include the following: • Facilitate informational meetings with students to orient them to OSCR conflict resolution services. • Review students’ rights as articulated in The Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SSRR). • Answer questions and assist students in implementing their choices with regard to OSCR’s services. • Facilitate meetings with students who have chosen a particular conflict resolution pathway. • Schedule and deliver conflict resolution educational workshops or informational sessions. • Represent OSCR at campus outreach events. • Manage administrative tasks associated with student meetings, communications, and outreach and training efforts. • Work individually and as a part of departmental teams to identify and complete projects related to achievement of departmental goals. • Other duties as assigned.
Educational Value What skills/knowledge could the student gain from this position? • Facilitation experience and conflict resolution experience that is widely applicable to current and future leadership positions and personal relationships. • An increased understanding of social justice, restorative justice, due process, student development, and/or motivational interviewing and their wide applicability in society. • Experience designing, planning, and implementing events, programs, workshops, projects, etc.
Job Requirements -Strong communication skills as well as attention to detail. -Currently enrolled with work study award. -Students with peer mediation and mentoring experience are encouraged to apply. -Cover letter and resume emailed to
Hourly Rate $8.25/hour
Hours 10.0 to 15.0 hours per week
Time Frame Fall/Winter
Start Date 12/15 -1/16
End Date Sunday, May 1, 2016
Primary Contact Claudette Alice Brower
Primary Contact's Email
Supervisor OSCR Program Managers
Work Location 100 SAB-515 East Jefferson
Phone 734-936-6308
Fax 734-615-8826