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Job Details  

Student Services Assistant I
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Job ID 14727
Job Funding Source Work-Study
Employer Office of Student Conflict Resolution
Category Professional/Administrative
Job Description


The Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) provides a variety of programs and services designed to support a safe, just and peaceful community, by assisting in preventing and resolving conflicts between University students and other students or community members. In addition, OSCR is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion by helping to create an environment that is supportive of diverse populations and social identities.OSCR offers a full-spectrum of conflict resolution pathways under the following programs: Adaptable Conflict Resolution, Adaptable Conflict Resolution for Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Formal Conflict Resolution.  OSCR practices a predominantly peer-based facilitation model in all of OSCR’s pathways, workshop facilitations, consultations, and intake meetings.  Additionally, OSCR student staff will provide appropriate referrals to campus partners to facilitate seamless student support, compliance considerations, and high-quality service delivery.


Basic Functions and Responsibilities:


Student employees’ responsibilities include the following: • Demonstrate a commitment to contribute to an environment that is diverse and inclusive.• Facilitate informational meetings with students to orient them to OSCR conflict resolution services. • Review students’ rights as articulated in The Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SSRR). • Answer questions and assist students in implementing their choices with regard to OSCR’s services. • Facilitate meetings with students who have chosen a particular conflict resolution pathway. • Utilize conduct management software and assist in database management and case auditing • Manage administrative tasks associated with student meetings, communications, and outreach and training efforts •Conduct student disciplinary background checks and report the findings to relevant parties.  


Serve as Campus Security Authorities and Responsible Employees • Support and refer students who disclose crisis/traumatic experiences, as outlined in the University of Michigan Policy & Procedures on Student Sexual & Gender-Based Misconduct & Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence (The Policy) • Support professional staff in the creation of confidential resolution files for Sanctioning Board members, External Reviewers, and the Vice President for Student Life, as outlined in The Policy.

Work individually and as a part of departmental teams to identify and complete projects related to achievement of departmental goals. • Schedule and deliver conflict resolution educational workshops or informational sessions • Represent OSCR at campus outreach events • Required to attend weekly staff in-service meeting. • Required to attend and complete a 5-day training program • Other duties as assigned
Educational Value


 • Facilitation experience and conflict resolution experience that is widely applicable to current and future leadership positions and personal relationships. • An increased understanding of social justice, restorative justice, due process, student development, and/or motivational interviewing and their wide applicability in society • Training in and regular practice of Motivational Interviewing • Experience designing, planning, and implementing events, programs, workshops, projects, etc

Job Requirements


Strong communication skills as well as attention to detail. • Students with peer mediation and mentoring experience are encouraged to apply. • Cover letter and resume can be submitted here via Google Forms.


Hourly Rate $9.25/hour
Hours 12.0 to 15.0 hours per week
Time Frame Fall/Winter
Start Date Monday, August 28, 2017
End Date Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Primary Contact Claudette Alice Brower
Primary Contact's Email oscr@umich.edu
Supervisor OSCR Program Managers
Work Location 100 SAB-515 East Jefferson
Phone 734-936-6308
Fax 734-615-8826