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Program Assistant
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Job ID 33888
Job Funding Source Work-Study
Employer University Unions
Category Professional/Administrative
Job Description Student Involvement Coordinators will serve as student leaders in creating involvement opportunities for the campus community. Students will create, plan, implement, and promote student resources, involvement opportunities and campus programs with an emphasis on University Union facilities. Coordinators will attend weekly meetings in both small and large groups, hold regular office hours (including front desk customer assistance), and assist in marketing efforts for all of CCI.
Educational Value The Center for Campus Involvement strives to provide students the opportunity to have a well rounded experience which includes development in the following: Communication, Leadership, Project Management, Creativity & Innovation & Social Justice.
Job Requirements Individuals must be able to work well with a diverse team, have strong communication skills, and demonstrate a positive attitude. The ability to be responsible, organized, dependable and will to take initiative is a must. Experience in customer service, event planning, developing, and/or hosting student-initiated activities is desired. Work-study preferred.
Hourly Rate $9.40/hour
Hours 8.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Time Frame Fall/Winter
Start Date Friday, September 2nd, 2016
End Date Monday, May 1, 2017
Primary Contact Kristie Rae Filipchuk
Primary Contact's Email uminvolvement@umich.edu
Supervisor N/A
Work Location The Center for Campus Involvement is located in the Michigan Union with work executed throughout campus.
Phone 734-763-5900
Fax 734-763-5902