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Job Details  

GRE Instructor
You cannot apply for this job through the website. Please contact the prospective employer directly using the information provided in this job listing.
Job ID 35718
Job Funding Source Non-Work-Study
Employer Kaplan Test Prep
Category Professional/Administrative
Job Description At Kaplan, we embrace our inner-nerd and get excited about things like scaled scoring and upcoming test changes. If you identify with those things and want to impact students’ educational goals, you should join our team! Sure, the pay will be great for a part-time job and the schedule is flexible, but the most rewarding thing about teaching for Kaplan is helping your students achieve their educational and career goals! And if you find that you’re really digging the test prep scene, there are career growth opportunities to develop and expand your role with us! If you're ready to apply, please visit
Educational Value
Job Requirements You are an expert on the test you will be teaching, meaning that you have scored at or above the 90th percentile on the GRE. For candidates who don’t already possess qualifying scores, we are happy to provide an opportunity to take a qualifying exam. Let’s face it, calculating when two trains will pass and analyzing reading passages can be a little boring to most. But you look forward to the challenge of using your charm, wit, and engaging personality to get your students excited to learn. You are organized and a self-starter. You will be self motivated through your training and prep, which you do from home. You are confident that you will have the motivation and drive to prepare independently. You thrive in a virtual workforce. Remember, you don’t need previous teaching experience to apply! You are engaging, dynamic and genuinely interested in teaching.You’re dedicated to bringing that level of excellent instruction to our students. You are “computer literate”. We utilize an online medium throughout the application process, training, and on-going professional development. Our virtual interview process allows the ease of submitting your presentation samples and interview from the comfort of your desk. No sitting in traffic required!
Hours 12.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Compensation $20.00/hour, $20/hr teaching rate. Training and lesson preparation time are paid.
When Job is Available Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
Start Date ASAP
End Date Flexible
Contact Person Jamie Douglas
Contact E-mail
Supervisor Jamie Douglas
Work Location 1214 S University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone Number 646-801-1452
Fax Number