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Job Details  

Fitness Equipment Service/Maintenance/Tech
You cannot apply for this job through the website. Please contact the prospective employer directly using the information provided in this job listing.
Job ID 37292
Job Funding Source Non-Work-Study
Employer One More Rep Fitness
Category Service/Maintenance
Job Description

Are you a self-motivated, inquisitive, hands-on, mechanically-inclined person (gender irrelevant) looking for some flexibly scheduled work hours in a chill yet focused environment???

Are you the type of person that would rather work WITH people than FOR people???

Do you take initiative and feel confident enough to make decisions on your own??? Do you know when and how to ask for help when you AREN'T feeling confident???

Do you know how to hustle and/or do you want to learn???


Did you answer yes to any or all of the questions above??? If so, read on...


Independent fitness equipment supply, repair, refurbishing and support business is looking for one or more employees for part-time work assisting in the operations of a small Westside Ann Arbor warehouse location. Flexible hours available to the right candidate with music choice privileges upon playlist approval (I'm not big on Country fyi...LOL). Basic duties include but are not limited to:

-Cleaning intake stock of fitness equipment (strength, cardio, free-weight machines and accessories)

-Organizing inventory/warehouse for improved work-flow efficiency

-Photographing and/or basic marketing of items for resale

-Minor repair/refurbishing including parts ordering and reinstallation

-Assistance in equipment pickup/delivery both on and off-site

-Participation in mentally stimulating discussions about things that intrigue and baffle and inspire


Applicants should be self-starters and willing/able to MAKE their own direction rather than just TAKE directives. Prior experience with basic tools and a willingness to get hands dirty preferred. Great opportunity to learn some new skills and begin to refine your OWN hustle.

Basic resume w/ some sort of reflective yet not too inflated self-assessment preferred. Please include pay requirement and a rough estimate of available work days/hours per week.

Educational Value

Endless...learning how to live outside the lines affords max freedom and flexibility.

Job Requirements

Willingness to hustle...hard

Hours 5.0 to 29.0 hours per week
Compensation $10.00/hour to $15.00/hour, Performance dependent
When Job is Available Spring/Summer
Start Date ASAP
End Date N/A
Contact Person David Liepman
Contact E-mail daveliepman@hotmail.com
Supervisor Dave
Work Location 122 Jackson Plaza, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone Number (607) 222-1978
Fax Number