Job Details  

Counter Staff
You cannot apply for this job through the website. Please contact the prospective employer directly using the information provided in this job listing.
Job ID 68926
Job Funding Source Non-Work-Study
Employer Washtenaw Dairy
Category Service/Maintenance
Job Description

Work the counter, scoop ice cream, clean, other tasks as needed 

Educational Value
Job Requirements

Reliable trustworthy dependable!!

Hours 6.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Compensation $10.00/hour to $12.00/hour
When Job is Available Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
Start Date ASAP
End Date TBD
Contact Person Monique Sluymers
Contact E-mail
Supervisor Jody Hughes/Mary Raab
Work Location 602 S. Ashley Ann Arbor
Phone Number 7346623244
Fax Number