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Submit a Non-University Job Posting

If you are seeking part-time assistance (29 hours per week or less), post your job here to be viewed on the U-M Student Employment website. Once approved, your job posting will be listed on the website for 30 days. Interested candidates will contact you directly.

Part 1. Tell us about yourself.
Organization or Company
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E-mail Address
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Fax Number
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Work Location
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We will not post your job unless you submit an e-mail, phone number, or fax number. Please submit at least one or more method of contact.

Part 2. Please describe the job you are posting.
Job Category
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Job Title
For the name of the job, please be very specific.
For example:

'Housekeeper: Davis Household' or
'Evening Waiter: Restaurant X'
Hours Per Week to  
Job Description
Please give as much detail as possible, e.g. "seeking someone to perform routine clerical work, answer inquiries and give
directional assistance, receive cash and make change, receive and dispense forms. Some typing and filing required. EOE."
Educational Value of the Position (optional)
Requirements for the Job
Please give as much detail as possible, e.g. "Graduation from high school. Office experience required."

Part 3. Please provide additional information about the job you are offering.

Pay Range: From To
If there is no flexibility in the wage for this job, simply put the same value in the "From" and "To" boxes.
Compensation Description, if applicable.
"Depends on Experience"
"$0.50 raises every year"
- 255 character limit.
Please provide the name of the individual who will be the supervisor for this job.
When Job is Available (Time Frame)
Start Date
Please enter either an exact date in the form mm/dd/yy or a brief description (i.e., "ASAP").
End Date
Please enter either an exact date in the form mm/dd/yy or a brief description (i.e., "At completion of project").
Open Positions
What is the maximum number of employees you will hire for this job?
Your job posting will be listed for 30 days.

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