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Work-Study jobs listed on this site are only available to U-M undergraduate and graduate students who have applied for financial aid and been awarded a Federal or State of Michigan Work-Study award. You must be enrolled at least half-time to be awarded Work-Study. Earnings from Work-Study jobs may only be used to pay for educational expenses.

All non-Work-Study jobs listed on this site are available to ALL U-M students.

Note to All Students: Using this web site indicates that you understand and will abide by this disclaimer and other provisions of student employment. Beware of employment scams:  Here are some tips to be safe:

  • Use common sense. If a potential employer asks you to participate in an activity that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it.
  • Be wary of check-cashing scams. If someone asks you to deposit a check or money order into your personal account and send money to another individual, you should refuse. Don’t deposit a check or money order into your personal bank account and forward a percentage to the new employer.
  • Avoid job listings that use language such as “money transfers” or “wiring funds.”
  • A potential, legitimate employer will not request your bank account, credit card or Paypal account number or other information.
  • Do not fax copies of your identification or Social Security number to an unknown person.

Getting an error message in your U-M Student Employment Application?
Students seeking work on campus must complete the online U-M Student Employment Application in Wolverine Access. Occasionally, students receive an error message telling them they are not authorized to continue.  Generally, the student has a missing, invalid or incomplete current address on file with the University.  Visit Student Business in Wolverine Access (wolverineaccess.umich.edu), navigate to Campus Personal Information > Addresses and update your information. If you have questions, contact the U-M Student Employment Office at 734-763-4128.


Magnifying Glass Find a job Computer Online Hiring Application  
Conduct a search of available jobs, then apply online or contact employers for interviews. Also, check out a listing of all jobs in the Job Planner. Note: Applying for jobs online does NOT guarantee you will be granted an interview or be hired. To be employed at the University or to work for a University-approved off-campus employer, U-M Ann Arbor students must complete an online Student Employment Application on the Wolverine Access Student Business page.

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